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Request for Assistance

Women seeking temporary assistance from The Amy and Ruth Keane Foundation must:


A)  Be a professional

B)  Have an Associate Degree

C)  Provide a statement of work history

D)  Submit a brief statement of current circumstances and for how long

E)   Answer the following questions:

  1. Are you currently working?  

  2. How can the foundation assist you?

  3. What is the length of time you will need our assistance?

  4. Have you inquired of other agencies, foundations or government assistance programs? 


References: Please provide the name and phone number of two people that we can contact.


Approval: The Board of Directors of The Amy and Ruth Keane Foundation will review each application for approval, the assistance that is applicable to the applicant, monetary amount (if any) and the length of time assistance can be offered.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Thank you for your request. We will hear from us within a few days. If this is an emergency, please go to our "Contact Us" page. 

Amy and Ruth Keane Foundation for Women  P.O. Box 120725   Clermont, Florida 34712   (352) 678-8089

Your request has been sent.

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