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How We Help 

Holding Hands

The Amy and Ruth Keane Foundation for Women fulfills its mission to help professional women by:

1. Providing reliable resources and programs that will offer support to professional women who are experiencing difficult times.

2. Empowering professional women through our network of professionals who will provide: 

  • Support and assistance with an emphasis on rehabilitation

  • Financial assistance and restructuring

  • Assistance when there is a medical crisis

  • Help with temporary housing

  • Mental health counseling

  • Continued or refresher education in areas of expertise or new interest

  • Self-esteem training to instill pride and self-confidence

  • Spiritual guidance and awareness for emotional healing

  • Workshops, seminars and group discussions

  • Our open-hearts and understanding minds to help restore pride and dignity

The Amy and Ruth Keane Foundation for Women

"We're here for professional women when they need it the most!"

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